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The Arma 1 1 is a custom supercar you can build and drive on the street or track. Each model is unique with options for one of one body designs, various performance levels and finishing details.

The car is a performance touring vehicle intended to be comfortable for road trips with some storage, accommodate two people, be safe, light weight and have good power for fast acceleration and responsive handling.

Kits include a chassis, body panels, glass, electronics and instructions for assembly with your own supplied engine, transmission, seats, wheels, brakes, suspension etc. In Most regions these vehicles can be registered and insured for enjoying on the public roads.

The mid engine design puts weight over the rear tires for high G-Force acceleration and a low centre of gravity gives you fast and fun cornering.

Choose from many engine options including V8s with manual transmissions or high tourque electric motors and batteries.

Stiff and Light Weight Tube Frame Chassis.

The chassis is a modular space frame tube design for a cost effective light weight rigid and safe platform. Sections of the chassis can be replaced or modified through interchangable module sections.

The body is made from composites and ABS. Carbon fiber is an available option. The interior panels are aluminum with ultra suede and a dash display.

The kit includes a large DOT windshield designed from the start for a large immersive view of the oncoming road. Both seats are positioned for your comfort with high visibility with good headroom for a track helmet and an unobstructive A Pillar.

The interior cabin is designed with analog gauges for a physical feel. Digital options can be available on request.

Get started today and build your own one of a kind high performance super kit car. Click the link and get some of our support material and put your name in the build que to become one of the few to have a car built just for you.

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CNC Automation

Arma Automotive Inc. Sells CNC Plasma Cutter and Bender kits with software for fabrication and manufacturing tube structure projects. These tools are a cost effective solution for increasing production capacity and product quality.

Precise tube cutting automation for cuts, joint coping and tabs with interlocking slots.

The CNC Tube Notcher kit includes all of the hardware and software to begin fabrication of round tube notch, tab/slot projects. This kit requires a customer supplied torch, air compressor, computer and a self assembled metal frame rail.


Arma offers CAD modelling and CAM Manufacturing software for design and production of mesh surface parts and tube frame projects.


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