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Arma Automotive is making a kit car platform for daily road and track use. The car is a performance touring vehicle intended to be comfortable for road trips with some storage, accommodate two people, be safe, light weight and have good power for fast acceleration and responsive handling.

Kits will be available that include a chassis, body panels, glass, electronics and instructions for assembly with your own supplied engine, transmission, seats, wheels, brakes, suspension etc. In Canada the car is registered as a Ubilt and can be insured and driven for daily driving.

Feel the high G Forces from acceleration and hard turning with the wide stance and low centre of gravity. The large frontal driver and passenger view angle with a low hood and narrow A-Pillars give you an immersive full experience of the open road. Designed to fit you, the seating position is comfortable with plenty of elbow room and headroom with space to spare for a racing helmet. Go racing on a track, touring and exploring new destinations or as a daily to pick up groceries.

It is compatible with engine options ranging from large displacement V8s to high torque electric motors with ample space or fuel and batteries. Manual transmissions are a good option to feel the engagement of a high horsepower engine push you hard in this light weight vehicle with large rear tires for excellent traction.

After ten years of design with countless revisions in CAD, FEA crash simulations and full scale prototyping the chassis is optimized for strength and stiffness, weight, cost, safety, modularity for reparability, occupant ergonomics and fitment for all of the things you could want under the hood.

The chassis is a space frame tube design that is strong, light and modular for repair of individual sections. There are six pieces of the chassis so modifications and upgrades can be swapped in and out. The frame is made from high strength DOM tubing with computer controlled cuts and bends for accurate precise quality. Computer crash simulations indicate the occupant cabin is capable of protecting the passenger occupied space with our unique design.

Kits are hand made to each customers specification using our own CNC fabrication tools for accurate and precise fitment. Have your own unique design made and retain serviceability with commodity components and interchangeable elements for accessibility and repairs.

The body has a smooth flowing curved profile with a low and wide presence for performance with ample cabin space. The rear end has room for large engines, accessories and the air flow to cool them. The front is low for better visibility. Custom body designs can be made with our fabrication tools so you can have a one of one model. Experiment with different colours, wheels and accessories with the configuration Web 3D viewer.

The kit includes a steel tube frame chassis, aluminum interior panels, ABS and composite body panels, DOT front windshield and basic electronics. The kit requires additional components for assembly. If you would like assistance with the assembly process we can look for a trusted mechanic in your area to build the vehicle for you. Contact us with any questions or to put your name on the list for a kit build slot and get one made for you.

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