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This is a concept of a single seater vertical takeoff & landing aircraft. With an ultralight pilots license you could travel to remote mountain tops or deserted islands for a day trip. It can take off an land vertically so it doesn't need an aerodrome, you could take off from a private property and land on a beach for example

The craft will be constructed from carbon fibre and use ten hybrid powered rotors with small gasoline engines and electric motors. Several of the engines can fail and the craft can still safely land. If the compustion engines fail the electric motor can provide some level of thrust for lift and control in landing.

Aerodynamic fixed landing struts allow the craft to land and two lexan winshields open up allowing two passengers to enter with a small amount of cargo space. The total payload capacity will be about 350 pounds.

Redundant control systems can provide for safe flight and possibly navigation in the event of sensor, software or hardware failure.

Design is currently in progress and full details and capabilities including weight, carrying capacity, range and cost will come later.

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