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Arma Design Studio Installation Instructions


ADS has two Windows based versions, some users report the primary version does not start and we recommend using the alternate version if this applies to you.

Once you download and run the installer the ADS software will be installed in the default Program Files directory.
You can launch ADS by double clicking on the desktop icon or by locating the application in the start menu.


ADS will run on the latest version of MacOSX on M based hardware. Download the Mac zip file and extract it to a folder of your choice.

Before starting the application for the first time you will need to tell Mac OSX that the application is allowed to run.

Open the Terminal application and navigate to the downloaded application.

In the Terminal application run the command:
xattr -d

Now you can launch the application by double clicking on the ArmaDesignStudio application icon.


ADS will run on most Linux distributions running on X64 based platforms.

Download the Linux zip file and extract it to a folder of your choice.

Run the application from the terminal by runnig typing the application name:

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