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Arma Design Studio Video Tutorials

DXF import for basic files.

Navigation hint to focus on scene when losing orientation.

Customer invoicing updates for quoting work.
Arc Tube Snap features automatically connect tubes to other tubes in the scene.

Arc Tube segments can snap to a major X, Y, Z axis.

New Tool Help Features.
New license key system for advanced features and upgrades.
Toggle flanges for making body panel moulds.

Measure distances between panel edges for best fitment.

Layout mode for object manufacturing using routers or cutters.
Navigating scenes including view centering and rotation about selections.
Navigating scenes including view centering and using a context based footer tool bar.

Improved tube tab and slot generation.

Beta version of 5-Axis routing is previewed.
Preview of a chassis design tool that will assist in design of tube frame applications.
Generate tabs and slots for intersecting tubes.
Arc tube modeling and notching of intersections.

Tabs and slots in intersecting tubes.

Notching offset tube intersections.

Generate manufacturing GCode and cut metal parts.

Inset and Outset modifications for plasma cutting.

Note: Tab and slot quality has been improved in later releases.
Modeling tube frame projects.

Tube notching and bending GCode and manual PDF exports.

Preview of a parametric tube editor in development.
Design metal plate projects and export to GCode for plasma table cutting.

Boolean modeling of shapes using a rudimentry set of tools.
Pie cutting tube notching for custom routing.

Automatic tube routing tools for optimizing space, equal and shortest length.

Introduction to the user interface in the software.

Mirror planes to replicate parts that are symetrical or duplicates.

Tube notching GCode export.

Performance Vehicles for Touring and Track.
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